How Often Are Dumpsters Emptied?

How Often Are Dumpsters Emptied?


When you need a garbage disposal service, you may be wondering how often are dumpsters emptied. You have many options, including weekly, every other week, every month, or even every year. This website explains some tips for choosing the right dumpster rental service. Keep in mind that this schedule may change depending on the type of waste you’re disposing of. Here are a few examples of dumpster sizes and their typical emptying schedules.


During the winter, trash collection in Spokane will require the weekly emptying of a large dumpster. Dumpsters may be filled with heavy items, obstructing access. A snow berm blocked access. It was too icy to walk to the dumpster. Regardless of the reason, there were times when the dumpster had no room to be emptied. It was hard to find a trash collection day, and there was too much refuse to haul out.

Every other week

Weekly Service is available for your trash and recycle containers. The trash and recycling trucks will pick up your recyclable items every other week on the day of your choice. You can use the website to find out when your recyclables are picked up. In addition to garbage pickup, every other week recycling pick-up will also be available to residents. To find out when your recyclables will be picked up, visit the solid waste division’s recycling map.

Residents may also rent dumpsters on a weekly basis. They are available for a two-week period or until they are full. Residents who do not fill up their dumpsters within the allotted time will be placed on a waiting list and notified by phone. Depending on availability, residents may be given an extension of five calendar days for a fee. After this, further extensions will be subject to availability rules.

Every other month

Residential dumpsters are collected twice a week, while those that serve fewer than two households are picked up once a week. Orlando Dumpster rental collection days are Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday. Dumpster collection schedules are subject to change during bad weather events or city holidays. The City of Lubbock’s Solid Waste Services department can also accommodate special requests for dumpster service from residents with disabilities. To request a dumpster pickup, call 325-598-7073.

Every other year

The City of Lubbock’s solid waste services team will empty your dumpster at least once a year. Dumpsters are usually emptied on Mondays and Thursdays. Dumpsters located next to buildings must be at least five feet away from openings and windows. Dumpsters may not be placed under structures or inside of driveways. The City of Lubbock can accommodate special requests for disabled citizens, elderly residents, and other citizens.